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"Welcome to Brand Apka which is one of the best website company in Patna, your trusted partner in the digital world. As a leading digital IT company, we specialize in transforming your brand's online presence and driving tangible results. Our team of experts is committed to delivering innovative solutions that help you stay ahead of the curve. From web design and development to mobile app solutions and e-commerce platforms, we combine cutting-edge technology with creative expertise to build impactful digital experiences. Discover the power of seamless integration, user-centric design, and data-driven strategies with Brand Apka (Website Company in Patna). Unlock your brand's true potential today."


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With good taste and excellent technology, we Craft Award-Winning Websites which make us the best website company in Patna.

These are what determine whether or not your customer has a reaction to what you’re offering. BrandApka (Website Company in Patna) as a digital agency creatively plans out a surprising brand design that makes customers notice your company and inspires them to take action.

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We believe in cultivating creativity by encouraging it and harnessing fresh ideas, perspectives, techniques, and sources of inspiration that make us more effective problem-solvers. Our diverse range of services includes responsive website design, website development, mobile applications, graphic design, branding, digital marketing & SEO. We communicate openly and honestly, especially around thorny topics, and honor diversity in opinions.

Your website’s success depends on how the users perceive it – not how you see it. Today’s web design is highly sophisticated and with such complexity comes a level of misunderstanding. At Website Company in Patna, your website will be complex, but still something your users will gain from. When users visit an BrandApka website design company Bihar created site, they get: A site with value – A site that is easy to navigate and understand – A website that is pleasant to use

As a leading Website Company in Patna, BrandApka has a four-part approach to website development and Design

BrandApka is a leading website development company in Patna that offers an all-inclusive approach to website design and development. Our experienced team of professionals is ready to create sleek digital solutions tailored to your needs. From the analysis, planning, and design stages, to the development and implementation of your project, we can take care of it all. Our four-part approach ensures that each step is carried out correctly and efficiently, so you get top-notch results.

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Stuck With Questions?

Why is a high-quality online presence so critical for your business?
The company's online presence persistently validates it to transfigure into a brand and attract a larger audience. As a result, the company will be able to develop a web design appropriate to its requirements and flourish in the ensuing years. Online customers may discover about your brand while also engaging with your identity in a more subtle manner. Having a strong digital footprint may not only raise customer perception but can also help to develop your brand by increasing credibility and trust. BrandApka, being one of the leading web development & digital marketing company in India has contributed its services to the growth of many brands across varied business domains.
Is there a need for a physical meeting before my project begins?
Most of the project deals are generally completed via online meetings, email and telephonic discussions. However, we can have a face-to-face meeting before starting the project. We follow a process that comforts the customer during the course of their engagement with BrandApka.
What services do you offer along with website design?
We proffer a huge range of services and solutions to our customers across the globe. Apart from website design and development, we provide website maintenance, domain registration, web hosting, web app development, mobile app development, e-commerce website development, digital marketing, SEO, branding, graphic designing and so on. We have you covered.
How long does it take for my web project to be completed?
We complete web design, development and software related projects promptly as per the timelines decided at the time of discussion and project approval. However, any additional features and functionalities required will cause a delay in the deliverables which will be mutually agreed upon and the additional timelines will be clearly discussed. We do not compromise on the quality of the project delivery.
How do I track my project?
We have a well-defined project management system wherein we have a team of personnel who are always there to coordinate and manage the project from the start to the end. They will be in contact with the resource person assigned for the project to deliver the requisite as per the project needs. Time-to-time follow-ups, and regular trial runs are carried out so that the client can review, verify, and come back to us with the changes required before launching the finished project.
How much do you charge for a project?
BrandApka is a boutique web services and solutions company wherein we always value our client requirements, time, and effort along with customization of the project, and so on. Based on all the above categories we commercialize a project.
Why is responsive design very important?
In essence, responsive design is a method of creating a website that seamlessly adapts its information and components to fit to any screen resolution on which it is displayed. It stops graphics from being broader than the formats and saves mobile users from having to do additional work to understand your services or products. This approach will also help the website to reach a wider audience. BrandApka, being one of the leading web designers in Patna makes sure that they only design and develop websites that are responsive.
How do I get my website ranked on the first page of google?
Ranking on the first page of Google is the result of SEO-friendly content on the website. Understanding the customer preferences and providing unambiguous and relevant content with the right keywords is the key to ranking on top of the google search page. Apart from this Technical SEO, local SEO, and off page optimisation has to be continuously done to retain the ranking and brand position. BrandApka, being one of the leading SEO agencies in Patna has contributed to the growth of businesses through its digital marketing services by positioning its clients well on search engines and ranking them on the 1st page of Google.